Bombers are, as titled, people who use bombs in their attacks against people and/or locations. Usually, bombers are terrorists and are therefore typically associated with terrorism, but they are not limited to such.


Criminal bombers are unlike any other criminals, except poisoners. They plan meticulously, nurse long grudges and retaliate far out of proportion to any injury they feel they've received.

Types of Criminal Bombers

  1. Bombers - This simple type of bomber uses one or more bombs, usually large and extremely destructive ones, in only one attack. Examples of bombers are Timothy McVeigh and Anders Behring Breivik.
  2. Suicide bombers- This type of bomber, like the above category, uses at least one bomb to carry out their attacks, but unlike simple bombers, suicide bombers die in the blast to "martyr" themselves, to escape incarceration, commit insurance fraud, mental illness, or to simply end their lives. Suicide bombings are usually utilized by terrorists such as Al Qaeda. Examples of suicide bombers are five of the seven ringleaders behind the 2004 Madrid train bombings, the perpetrators of the four suicide car bombings at Yazidi communities and Andrew Kehoe. Examples of non-terrorist suicide bombings include Thomas Doty and Julian Frank.
  3. Serial bombers - These types of bombers use more than one bomb to carry out their attacks, which sometimes occur between cooling-off periods much like those of serial killers. Examples of serial bombers are Eric Rudolph, George Metesky, and Ted Kaczynski.
  4. Car bombers - These types of bombers, be they just bombers or serial bombers, carry their bombs in a vehicle in their attacks. The bomb detonates inside the vehicle, tearing it to pieces and turning it into shrapnel. Some commit suicide car bombings. Examples of car bombers are Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, and Andrew Kehoe.

On Criminal Minds

Bombers of all types featured on Criminal Minds


Car Bombers

Serial Bombers

  • Season One
  • Season Two
    • Kenneth Roberts ("Empty Planet") - A spree killer who used pipe bombs to recreate events from a novel, which he believed contained prophecies.
  • Season Seven
    • Robert Adams ("Painless") - an "injustice collector"-type copycat of Randy Slade, and serial-turned-spree killer who was motivated by being discredited for looking Randy in the eye as well as being an outsider.
    • Matthew Downs ("Hit" and "Run") - A symphorophilic homegrown terrorist, hacker, serial killer, and mass murderer who was a member of The Face Cards, a terrorist group who bombed several banks.
    • Izzy Rogers ("Hit" and "Run") - An international and symphorophilic serial killer, thrill killer, assassin-turned-terrorist, bank robber, cop killer, one-time mass murderer, and one-time abductor who led The Face Cards, a terrorist group who bombed several banks.
  • Season Nine
    • Tivon Askari ("200") - A prolific and international torturer, serial killer, and abductor, who committed two bombings, one of which resulted in the death of JJ's unborn baby.
  • Season Ten
    • James Burke ("Hero Worship") - A "wound collector"-type budding serial killer, one-time school bomber, and arsonist whose bombings only killed one individual. The bombings being motivated by his high narcissism and the belief that he had been challenged.
  • Season Eleven
    • Sharon Mayford ("Entropy") - An international gangster, serial killer, one-time mass murderer, and hitwoman who carried out a hit for Brian Cochran, which led to the deaths of at least 173 people.
  • Season Thirteen
    • Jake Logan ("Killer App") - A serial-turned-spree killer, workplace shooter, mass murderer, one-time cop killer, and one-time abductor who bombed a school, killing 372 people, after mistaking it for a terrorist training camp. He also presumably carried out similar bombings before hand.

Suicide Bombers

Attempted Bombers

Real World

Real-life bombers:

Real-life suicide bombers:

  • Andrew Kehoe

Real-life car bombers:

  • Timothy McVeigh
  • Andrew Kehoe
  • Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (attempted, but failed)

Real-life serial bombers: