Bill Coelius is an American actor best known for her appearances in Taking Woodstock, Robot Stories, and Quality Time.


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On Criminal MindsEdit

Coelius portrayed Morris Perrault in the Season Ten episode A Thousand Suns.


  • American Horror Story (2015) as Franklin
  • Criminal Minds - A Thousand Suns (2014) TV episode - Morris Perrault
  • Deadline: The Nikki Finke Story (2013) as Sniper (short)
  • Sides & Rides (2013) as Auto Parts Driver (short)
  • Newsreaders (2013) as Whistleblower
  • Modern Family (2013) as Parking Attendant
  • Parks and Recreation (2012) as Nermal
  • Desperate Housewives (2011) as Damon
  • The Office (2011) as Restaurant Manager
  • An Invisible Sign (2010) as Movie Patron #1
  • The Face (2010) as Bocce Ball Player (short)
  • Taking Woodstock (2009) as Inspector
  • Quality Time (2008) as Dr. Goldman (short)
  • Door Number Two (2008) as The Super (short)
  • Law & Order (2007) as Mike
  • Living with Strangers (2006) as Bo
  • Robot Stories (2003) as Bob
  • Scarlett Mecca and the Pentagram Girl (2000) as Bartender (short)


For an up-to-date filmography, see here.

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