Hibernia bank robbery

SLA members Patty Hearst and Donald DeFreeze robbing the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco, in 1974.

bank robber is a type of criminal who steals money from a bank (hence the term), by threat or force.


A bank robber(s) always operates whenever other people are present inside the targeted bank. They are not to be confused with people who target banks whenever other people are not present; such crimes are instead referred to as burglaries, according to legal definition. During bank robberies, force, violence, and/or threats of violence are subjected upon the bystanders. Because of this trademark, the act where one breaks into a bank to steal money is confused as a bank robbery, but as no witnesses are inside the bank, it is merely classified as a burglary. Bank robberies are common in cities and large towns because there is a larger abundance of banks in the urban areas, an attribute that presents advantages for both bank robbers and the local law enforcement.

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