They're [the toys] reminders of patients that I've helped.
Arthur to Reid

Dr. Arthur Malcolm is a pedophile and the father of serial killer Samantha Malcolm, who appeared in The Uncanny Valley.


Malcolm was a pediatrician and child psychiatrist at "New Lives", his own institution for troubled youths. When his wife died, he began molesting his daughter, Samantha, training her to keep it a secret and punishing her with electroshock therapy if she slipped up. He gave her dolls as a way to apologize, a habit which would later form her psychopathology. Arthur continued molesting girls he treated, keeping toys he had treated them with as souvenirs in his office. A few months prior to "The Uncanny Valley", Samantha saw him give away her old dolls to a patient, driving her to abduct women and turn them into real-life surrogates of them.

The Uncanny Valley

When Reid and Rossi come to question him after three of Samantha's victims die, Reid realizes that Malcolm is a child molester after spotting toys on his shelf. They tell him that they are going to bring some of his victims to prosecute him and have the girls he molested testify, but offer to tell the District Attorney that he cooperated in exchange for Samantha's whereabouts. Caving in under the heavy pressure, he gives them her address and was presumably prosecuted for his crimes afterward.

Modus Operandi

Targeting his own patients, all young girls, Malcolm would molest his victims, and also tortured Samantha (and presumably other molestation victims) with electroshock therapy in order to buy her silence. Afterwards, he would give his victims dolls as a way to apologize.


No profile was made of Malcolm, since the BAU were more focused on Samantha.

Known Victims

  • 1990s: Samantha Malcolm (his daughter; molested and tortured with electroshock therapy)
  • Unspecified dates: All of the following girls were molested by him:
    • Jenny Larson
    • Abigail Moore
    • Linda Krause
    • Numerous unnamed other victims


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