N-N-Nobody was supposed to die!

Andrew "Drew" Ford is an abductor, arsonist, and the submissive member of a two-person team. He appeared in Season Ten of Criminal Minds.


Andrew was troubled in his youth and was subsequently sent to Sudworth Place, a halfway house for troubled boys. There, he befriended Chad Griffith, Brian Stiller, and Matthew Jones, three other boys who were also sent to Sudworth Place. However, the four of them, along with several other boys, were all molested by a volunteer worker named Jack Westbrook. When the four boys finally left Sudworth Place, they kept in contact as they grew older. Later on, in Andrew's adult life, Matthew committed suicide, being unable to bear with the memories of the sexual abuse. Distraught by this, Andrew vowed to get justice from Westbrook, and he and Chad got together to form a plan to abduct Westbrook, torture him into confessing what he had done to them, and then kill him.

The Boys of Sudworth Place

On November 19, 2014, Andrew and Chad launch their plan to abduct Westbrook by luring him to a secluded location. Then, they both subdue and take him to a warehouse, where they throw him in a pit. With Andrew recording, Chad tortures Westbrook. When Westbrook demands to know who they are, Andrew says "Now you know how Matt felt", and shows him the picture of them when they were kids along with Brian. Later, Andrew and Chad surprise Brian and bring him to the warehouse, where they show him a captive Westbrook. Andrew tells Brian that they will release Westbrook after they get a confession from him and they will go to the cops. When Brian tries to leave, he is stopped by a drunken Chad. They both get into a fight, which ends when Brian accidentally kills Chad by pushing him into the pit. Andrew gets frustrated at Brian for killing Chad but Brian justifies his actions. Deciding to cover their tracks, Andrew leaves to buy gasoline, but not before assigning Brian to keep an eye on Westbrook and giving him the gun.

By the time Andrew returns to the warehouse, Brian has killed Westbrook with the gun. He asks what happened, and Brian replies that he left him with no choice. A panicked Andrew then tells Brian to give him the gun, which he does. They both pour gasoline all over the room, set it on fire, and leave Westbrook and Chad's bodies behind. The two then run out of the warehouse in an attempt to escape, but they are confronted by Morgan, JJ, and several local police officers. Andrew holds them at gunpoint and tells them that nobody was supposed to die, with Brian urging him to listen to them. Morgan manages to talk Andrew down by telling him that he went through the same trauma like he did when he was a kid, and that he will get a confession, even though Westbrook is already dead. While Andrew is handcuffed, Brian suddenly accuses him of murdering Westbrook and Chad, and pretends to be an innocent bystander. He is further shocked when JJ handcuffs Brian as well, arresting him on the charge of possession of child pornography, and Morgan tells Andrew that he got his confession, though it wasn't the one he wanted to hear.

Modus Operandi

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Known Victims

  • November 19, 2014: